Matteo Masserdotti


Pedro Salfi


At a time when all companies are rushing to get higher valuations and faster funding, our growth platform aspires to boost growth at a pace that is convenient for digital businesses. Viceversa envisions a new way of growth based on transparency and technology to support companies in a sustainable and ethical way. We are on a journey to revamp the European investment landscape. Are you with us?

After years of being a marketing expert and fintech entreprenuer, Matteo envisioned a company that uses data and technology to create better funding opportunities for the next generation of businesses. After the testing phase, Pedro, a former VC and investment banker, came onboard to build what Viceversa today stands for. Launched in November 2021, Viceversa is now an A-team of rockstars with backgrounds in finance, investments, data science, software engineering, marketing, risk management, user experience, and more.