Andreas H. Hielscher and Merrill Weber

Votis Subdermal Imaging Technologies, Ltd. is an Israeli start-up that provides clinical decision support for foot ulcer syndrome and associated diseases. Votis has developed an innovative device that can diagnose and assess the severity of lower extremity conditions usually caused by diabetes, such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and subsequent critical limb ischemia (CLTI). Votis helps diabetics keep their feet through early screening for peripheral vascular disease and related complications. Early screening can offer new treatment options and help reduce amputation cases. The Votis device is noninvasive and contactless, does not rely on radiation, and is functionally consistent with the guidelines of the AHA, American Diabetes Association, and other major medical organizations. It will reduce health care costs for hospitals, clinics and insurance companies. The team consists of engineers specializing in medical device development and internationally experienced vascular medical device consultants, including physicians and faculty with diverse specialties, from podiatrists to vascular surgeons. The technology, originally developed and patented by Columbia University, is licensed worldwide exclusively to Votis for all applications related to medical imaging.