Fintech revenue based financing

Matteo Masserdotti and Pedro Salvi

Launched in November 2021 by Matteo Masserdotti and Pedro Salvi, Viceversa operates through offices in Milan and Dublin targeting companies that run an online business such as marketplaces, B2C and B2B e-commerce or subscription services, with the goal of making their growth sustainable. To do this, Viceversa has been one of the first European companies to introduce revenue-based financing, a tool for accessing fast and flexible capital, characterized by sharing a percentage of the financed company’s gross revenue to repay the amounts invested. It is an alternative financial solution that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and provides companies with the capital they need and enables them to continue growing sustainably. Viceversa’s proposition is completed with an advanced analytics and insights platform that, by connecting the company’s sales and marketing channels (Amazon, Meta, Stripe, etc.), allows the monitoring of key marketing KPIs, enabling companies to be in full control of their performance at all times. The latest product is an embedded finance solution designed for eCommerce and marketplace leaders. The selection of investments, as well as the creation of insights, are completely data-driven and based on proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence models. In less than a year and a half since its launch, Viceversa has reached a total portfolio value of more than €25M, with clients in 6 different countries (Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, and the UK), and an average growth rate recorded by companies using the platform, exceeding 150%. The team, between offices in Milan and Dublin, counts more than 30 people with backgrounds in areas such as finance, data science, software engineering, marketing, and risk management.